About Us


The Mushrooms and Health Global Initiative is a collaborative effort to collect, evaluate and disseminate validated nutrition and health research information on mushrooms. This information can be used to support a range of health professional and consumer focused public relations activities to drive greater understanding of the health benefits of mushrooms.

The Initiative was “launched” during the International Medicinal Mushroom Conference 4 (Slovenia 2007) following a meeting of the Australian Mushroom Growers Association and the U.S. Mushroom Council. Since then, other mushroom growing/marketing organizations in Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Italy, and Poland have joined the project and it is planned to have at least China, Japan and Korea on board some time in the future.


The “Crown Jewel” of the Initiative is the Mushrooms and Health 2008 report, a thorough review and evaluation of the state of the science linking mushrooms and health. The report can be found separately on this website.

Mushrooms and Health will be updated annually to include the latest research on mushrooms influence on human health.

The Initiative produces a quarterly Bulletin that is posted on this website.

This website is a source of new research linking mushrooms to health and provides updates on conferences.